Welcome To...

The Fit Warrior Family! 

[IMPORTANT - Please Read The Full Page] 

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get During Our Time Together:

Initial Assessment & 1-2-1 Consultation Feedback - 30 question online health, nutrition, training, and lifestyle questionnaire sent immediately upon joining. Upon receipt our team will review and book you in for a 1-2-1 consultation call where we will discuss the creation of your personalized plan. The call also allows us to set clear goals for 12 months, 12 weeks, weekly, and even on a daily basis.
Bespoke Custom Nutrition Plan - After the feedback call, our nutrition team will put together your customized nutrition plan and meal planner that fits around your lifestyle. It will feature your favorite foods and links to delicious easy cook recipes.
Daily Food Diary & Progress Report - You will be tracking your food intake with our online application that your designated coach will be able to check daily to ensure you are on track. Each week you will be submitting your photos and measurements for review by the same application.
Customized Exercise Program (Home & Gym Based) - Your coach will be using your assessment data to build you a customized workout program suited to your body and goals. This will take into account your current ability, exercise preferences, and available workout equipment. Whether it is home or gym based, the workouts will suit you and your needs.
Weekly Performance Modules - The Fit Warrior membership site is going to become your go-to place on a weekly basis. Inside you will have access to our hugely popular nutrition course and exercise program. 
Weekly Group Accountability Call - Every Week you will receive a VIP invite to our group coaching call. This is where we will dive deep into your weekly results, discuss any challenges, and set your specific goals to help you the upcoming weeks. These calls are incredible powerful and serve as your chance to ask questions and learn from other members of our community. 

Private VIP Facebook Supergroup - 

This is the place you can share new breakthroughs, frustrations and anything in-between. You will learn from the posts we share as well as what other members have to contribute too. The group is also where we share all past and present call recordings for you to learn from. So don't panic if you can't make a particular accountability call, all replays will be stored in here for you.   

A Few More Things...

You will soon be receiving several emails to your preferred address that include a system log-in details. 

Please create a folder in your email inbox titled "Fit Warrior Coaching" and save all incoming emails from us to this folder. 

We will be discussing their contents in more detail very soon.

Your URGENT To-Do List 

1. Take Your Progress Photos - Do not move onto the next step without these. They are needed when completing the surveys. 
2. Schedule On-Boarding Consultation If You Do Not Have One Already Scheduled (click the button below)  [Estimated Time: 1 Minutes]
3. Set-up your membership account (click the button below) [Estimated Time: 30 secs]
4. Once your membership account has been set-up go into the results tracking and fill out the respective fields.

5. Say HI! To The VIP Fit Warrior Family With A Quick Intro About You And Your Goals 

[Estimated Time: 5 Minutes]

6. Review And Complete The Inform To Consent Form  - This Will Also Be Found In The Membership Site

Once all the above tasks are completed we will be in touch to book you in for your 1-2-1 initial assessment session and set up your plan.